OG Lodge Award for Community Service

Since 2007 it has been the custom of the Lodge to make an annual donation to Gresham’s School, to respond in a practical way to the principles of good citizenship, introduced to us when pupils at the School. Today, the School exercises social responsibility across a spectrum of activities.

The donation initiative was rather loosely defined in its early years, but since 2013 it has been set on to a more formal basis. The Lodge donation now funds the Old Greshamian Lodge Award for Community Service, which is awarded on Speech Day to the pupil or pupils who have rendered significant service in this field. Gresham’s now has a strong academic commitment to the International Baccalaureate, the syllabus for which requires student participation in community service activity. This prompted the idea that the Lodge Award should be awarded to the pupil or pupils undertaking the most meritorious community work in their IB courses. The Award is open to both boy and girl pupils. The choice of the winning pupil is left to the Headmaster’s discretion.

As well as its annual donation to fund the Award, the Lodge has helped to fund the purchase of a trophy to mark the achievement of the winning pupil(s), and a record book into which are inscribed the names of the Award winner(s), and the project that has been supported.  

The Award winner in 2014 was Nina English Darmstadt for her work with the Amakura Trust, a charity dedicated to relieving poverty in Rwanda. 

The Award winners in 2013 were Constance Osborne, Gregor Bailey and Gabrielle Smith, for their work with the North Norfolk Young Carers, based in Holt, Norfolk. 

The introduction of this Award has been welcomed by the Headmaster and staff at the School, and identifies the Lodge’s own efforts in the wider field of community responsibility with those being pursued by the School. This initiative also helps to raise the profile of the Lodge with the current generation of pupils, and their parents, and visitors, when gathered for the annual Speech Day event.