The Old Greshamian Club

The OG Club.jpg

The Old Greshamian Club was set up in 1906 to act as a link between former Gresham’s pupils. The primary aim is to help leavers keep in contact and to link old friends who may have lost touch. The Club is governed by a small but enthusiastic team who work hard to keep OGs in touch with the School through a range of publications, organised sporting events, reunions and a myriad of other social gatherings.

With over 5000 members worldwide, the club aims to use the available resources for the benefit of the wider Gresham’s community, endeavouring to help equip recent leavers with the tools for success while concurrently reaching out to more distant graduates who may not have returned to Gresham's for many years. The OG Lodge works closely with the OG club with which it is in excellent relations.