Public School Lodges' Council

In 1909, the Standing Committee of the Public School Lodges was founded by the Lodges of Westminster, Charterhouse, Cheltenham, Sherborne and Clifton to promote and disseminate Public School Freemasonry. The title of Public School Lodges' Council was adopted in 1936.

There are 33 Lodges represented on the Council (including a Lodge for Installed Masters), with Royal Arch Chapters associated with Charterhouse, Sherborne, Merchant Taylors' and Taunton. The Public Schools Royal Arch Chapter is attached to Westminster. The full list of the member lodges can be found by clicking here. The Council meets annually with representatives of all member lodges present in order to discuss important matters concerning the members including challenges and possible improvements.

The Council has two funds at its disposal: the Benevolent Fund and the Scholarship Fund. During the past five years, approximately £11,500 has been distributed for charitable purposes from these funds.

There is a Public Schools Installed Masters Lodge which, as the name suggests, is open to current and past masters of member lodges. It is a wonderful way of meeting brethren from other school lodges.

The highlight event of the year is undoubtedly the Annual PSLC Festival which is held at one of the schools every year. Organised by the respective school lodge, it is a truly memorable event with many brethren from member lodges present with their wives and partners as well as many distinguished guests. This year Old Wellingtonian Lodge No. 3404 will hold the 82nd Public School Lodges' Council Festival at Wellington College on Saturday 30th May 2015. For more details click here.

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