How can I join the OG Lodge?

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason and fulfil the criteria mentioned in the 'Who can join?' page, the easiest way is to ask someone you know who is already a Freemason. It is quite common that new candidates already know one or more freemasons who propose them to their Lodge. It is a requirement that every new candidate has to be proposed by two members and balloted by all members in open Lodge. If you don't know any members there is no need to worry. You can simply contact us and members will be in touch to meet you and discuss your interest.

In the case of our Lodge, at present you need to be an Old Greshamian (old boy of Gresham's School). If you are, please contact us using the ‘Contact us’ page. However, if you are a family member of an OG and not an OG yourself and interested, still feel free to contact us as restrictions may change in the not too distant future allowing family members of OGs to join.

If you have no relation to the school, regretably you cannot join our Lodge. However, you can contact United Grand Lodge of England or Metropolitan Grand Lodge (governing London lodges) thorough their websites or write to them. They will arrange for someone to contact you and introduce you to suitable Lodges.  You can find links to the websites on our 'Useful Links' page or by clicking on the links above. There are also special lodges focusing on meeting the Masonic needs of younger men, espeically students. They are linked to University Lodges which have had many student members for decades and continue to grow. You can visit for more information.

When considering joining you should also bear in mind the time and financial committments required by all memebers. Lodges typically meet four times a year in Masonic halls. Our lodge is no different. Being a London lodge we meet 3 times a year at Freemasons' Hall, home to United Grand Lodge of England and Metropolitan Grand Lodge. We also meet once a year at Gresham's School in Norfolk. Meetings are typically held late afternoon and are followed by a dinner. It is important to identify if the times and locations are convenient for you so that you commit to regular attendance without affecting your family or work committments. You should also be able to bear the financial committment (subscriptions, an expectation of contributions to charitable funds, dining fees, travel costs, regalia etc.). No one should become a Freemason if this may adversely affect his family, work or other committments. A Mason can join more than one Lodge and also visit others as a guest. So, change of workplace or home does not necessarily cause difficulties. There are Lodges meeting throughout the UK and overseas.