Masonic Clubs in London

Connaught Club for Young Freemasons in London

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The principle of the Connaught Club originated in June 2007 when Metropolitan Grand Lodge held a reception for Freemasons under the age of 35. The evening, hosted by the Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master, was deemed a unanimous success. Owing to the reception’s enjoyment, further events were planned and the Connaught Club was born.

Since its inception, the Connaught Club has grown to become a focal point for young Freemasons living in and around London, providing the means for them to meet with each other. Club events range from informal social get-togethers, to seminars exploring the meaning and history of 

The Connaught Club has been founded to give young Freemasons in London a means to meet and socialise, with like-minded people of similar ages, within Freemasonry; whilst bridging the large geographic area and diversity of London’s many Lodges. Primarily the Club’s role is to provide events and other occasions, of either a social or (Masonically) educational nature, for young Freemasons to meet each other and encourage their involvement within the fraternity. The club endeavours to encourage and support participation in members' Lodges and in Freemasonry. It promotes openness and pride in the membership of the Craft and stress the contemporary role Freemasonry plays in modern society, with particular emphasis placed on its relation to the younger generations.Freemasonry, to group trips to Lodges and other sites of Masonic interest. The Club also has its own Lodge, which all members are welcome to join. The Lodge takes joining members only and all the offices are filled by Brethren who are under 35 years old.

Aside from social functions, the Club acts as a representative body for the views of the younger generation of Freemasons. These views and further suggestions from Brethren within the Club are then referred to Metropolitan Grand Lodge through the appropriate channels.

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Kent Club for London Freemasons

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Launched by the RW Metropolitan Grand Master, Russell Race, on 5 November 2010, the Kent Club was originally established by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London for Freemasons over 35 years of age working or living within the Metropolitan area, although it now has no age limits. The club builds on the work of its sister organisation, the Connaught Club, (which caters for Freemasons under the age of 35) to provide a forum for London-based Freemasons to socialise, develop and understand the contemporary role that Freemasonry plays in modern society.  The club supports its members in their daily advancement of masonic knowledge by fostering and promoting:

  • Masonic networking through the use of quarterly social evenings
  • Masonic learning through lectures and talks by senior masons
  • Visiting London lodges and key meetings such as Quarterly Communication

The club works closely with the Metropolitan Craft & Chapter Demonstration Teams and have relationships with other masonic organisations (such as the Emulation Lodge of Improvement) to help you improve masonic learning and development. The events the club organises are widely varied and are aimed at all levels and interests; from the newly-made Initiate to those who have passed through the Chair, all, including the most experienced and senior Masons are welcome.

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